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Trendy and unique designs.

Natural Prefinished

High resistance prefinished flooring available in Matt, Semigloss and High Gloss; coated with the most advanced German-manufactured finishes.

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Deep Saw Marks

New design that simulates the effect of a saw mark made at the mill.

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Real Hand-sculped surface which enhances the natural knots and beauty of the board.

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Thermal treatment on the raw wood which darkens the substrate in all of its natural thickness.

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Special treatment that gives the substrate a darker look which provides a Natural aging look and feel of the wood.

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Think Green

As we see ourselves as a Green company, our wood flooring contains 70% of reforested wood and our adhesives are 100% CARB Compliant and do not produce any emissions of formaldehyde. The coatings that we use for our prefinished product line are developed and manufactured in Germany using state of the art technology, which guarantees durability, resistance to daily use conditions and the looks over time. Thanks to the use of European equipment for the entire manufacturing process and our focus on a proper drying, our flooring is perfectly stable when exposed to average temperature and humidity variations. Use ¼ of the hardwood resources of solid wood floor.

White / Grey minimalist

Following the latest design trends we have launched our minimalist collection which includes Arctic White, Grey and Bone White colors.

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Brushed Oak

Open pore to enhance the natural beauty of the wood; achieved by the use of wire brushes that remove the soft aging rings and provide a higher surface hardness.

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Natural beauty at its best


Also used for exterior/outside use thanks to its natural hardness and high stability.

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About Us

At Pacific Rim we specialize in the design, manufacturing and Global distribution of wood flooring being our main focus White Oak in its different available versions. Thanks to European technology applied throughout the different stages of design and production, our products comply with the most strict quality standards, all while maintaining a competitive price.

Thanks to a well trained Customer Service Department that will help you through the entire Purchasing process, from selecting a product to guaranteeing fast and efficient delivery, we have become one of the most respected wood flooring suppliers in Latin America and Europe.

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